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flag Horizontal union of businesses in different fields in the Philippines Hallo Hallo Alliance

Hallohallo Inc., the operating company of Hallo Hallo Mall, which was opened in April 1st 2012 and successfully grown into Philippines’ largest B to B to C type international mall, has launched a project of attracting numerous Japanese companies leading in various fields, to form business unions in diverse fields, through moderate capital tie-ups and business tie-ups, in order to establish itself as the center of social infrastructure in the Philippines.

In a horizontal-type interconnected network, many organizations and individuals form a strong alliance based on the philosophy of "harmony, balance, and Yamato" from a mutual understanding of identity and jointly accomplish this mission as the Hallo Hallo Alliance.

To construct social soft infrastructure, realization of a society that contributes to mutual understanding, growth, and development of the Philippines and Japan, as well as realization of a society in which efforts are equally rewarded.

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■ The XP (Experience Points) and HP (Hallo Hallo Points) Level-up systems
Users can earn XP through games and events. It is possible to level up by winning a certain number of XP, thereby receiving a variety of benefits. HP is our general point system that can be used in shopping of goods and purchasing coupons at any Hallo Hallo website. 1HP is equivalent to 1 peso.

Hallo Hallo Alliance owns websites, namely: Hallo Hallo Town - a service sector index, Hallo Hallo Job - a free-of-charge company index and job posting site.
All the sites provide unique contents for our role-playing game system, and together comprise a comprehensive web services ecosystem.

■ Avatars
Create your own avatar. Play and visit our websites to level up and further customize your avatar.

■ Mini Games, Games Corner
A variety of mini-games such as the double-up points game and the treasure chest game appear while browsing content. games corner has been established to provide a mechanism to increase visit frequency to the websites by giving XP rewards within the games.

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