May 1, 2018(Tue) ORICON NEWS

MANILA base "MNL 48" "First election" 67th first grader determined

AKB 48's new overseas sister group who passed the Philippine Manila-based MNL 48 first-grader audition was officially announced at a press conference held in Manila City on March 30. The final examination was held on the 28th at the site, and by fan voting, 48 regular members and 19 kenkyusei totaling 67 passed. The average age is 16.96 years.
The general election scene was broadcast live on the 28th in the popular program "It's Showtime" of the Philippine major television station "ABS-CBN".


May 28, 2017 The Philippine Star

Ministry of Employment, Labor and Welfare State OFW Deputy Bureau and Halo Hello partnered, signature ceremony was posted in Philippine Star (Philippines' largest newspaper).


3rd place in the world with remittance inflows, Philippines $ 29.9 billion.
According to the report of "People's movement and development situation" announced by the World Bank, the estimated receipts of overseas remittances in the Philippines in 2016 increased by 4.9% from the previous year to 29.9 billion dollars (about 3.2 trillion yen) It was third by country / region.


Asahi Shimbun "GLOBE" February 7, 2016

Hallohallo CEO Yasunari Okada was introduced.

▼Asahi Newspaper GLOBE WEB site posted here

November 16, 2015 (Mon) ABS CBN

Popular idol groups in Japan sing

Japan's popular idol group, AKB 48, performed for the first time in the Philippines.
Twelve of AKB 48's Team 8 appeared. He sang the representative song "I wanted to meet you" etc. and attracted the audience. The hall showed great excitement.

November 10, 2015 (Tue) Ramate Express

Cool Japan Festival held in the Philippines !!

HallohalloInc. (Halohalo Inc.), a Japanese-affiliated Philippine company that won the Grand Prix of "Cool Japan Business Matching 2015" held this year held a large-scale festival aimed at promoting friendship and culture and economic exchange between the Philippines and Japan .
We welcomed luxurious guests and guests suitable for the beginning of the spectacular cool Japan project in the Philippines, and the goodness of Japan was disseminated throughout FIPILLIN.

August 17, 2015 (Mon) Nihon Keizai Shimbun

NHK, in the Philippines "AMAKAN" broadcasting for the first time broadcasting

NHK subsidiary Japan International Broadcast announced on July 17 that it will start broadcasting a continuous television novel "Ami-chan" in the Philippines. We have been broadcasting in 10 countries and regions such as Thailand so far, but both are closed captions, this time for the first time to switch over in local languages.

February 12, 2015 (Thu)
The Daily NNA Singapore & ASEAN version

Partnership with ministries and agencies such as Ministry of Labor and Labor

Nikkei Haro Haro, which handles e-commerce (e-commerce, EC) site management and sale of condominiums (apartments) in the Philippines, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOA) with the Ministry of Labor and Employment on 11th of November. It is the first time that Japanese companies have partnered with the ministry.

Launched on Monday, April 20, 2015 PAVONE (Pavone) vol.35

Hallohallo Inc. and Hallohallo Home Inc. were introduced as Featured Philippines (38th page) in Information Magazine for HNWI / Celebrity "PAVONE (Pavone)".

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