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Hallo Hallo Financial Group

Hallohallo Inc. is the parent company of the 3 companies that comprise Hallo Hallo Bank, Hallohallo
Finance, and Hallohallo Lending. By cooperating with the Hallo Hallo Alliance, and utilizing their web
solutions, Hallohallo is providing epoch making services to the market for the first time.

Hallo Hallo Bank

The first specialist Internet bank in the Philippines that uses an online system we developed ourselves. While remaining secure, the bank provides cheaper introduction costs and shorter term periods.

   Hallo Hallo Bank is the formerly registered commercial name.
The company name is Vigan Banco Rural Incorporada.
Line Hallo Hallo Finance

Through a partnership with Hallo Hallo Mall, we will provide the first ever residual value new car loan. We will also provide shopping credit to Hallo Hallo Mall members.

Line Hallo Hallo Lending

Cooperating with leading companies in the Philippines, and companies registered on Hallo Hallo Job, we will create a low default risk social lending service, and become a new era lending company.

Hallo Hallo Financial Group

Social Lending Service - Casha

The social lending service Casha is an online service the provides loans to employees
working in companies that have been accredited by and have entered into an agreement with Casha.

Hallohallo Lending Inc., which operates Casha, is run by the LCS Group and Hallohallo Inc.

Casha LCS Group of Companies

The LCS Group of Companies, also known as LCS Holdings Inc., is a conglomerate in the Philippines that is owned by the Singson family of Ilocos. It is mainly engaged in agriculture, aviation, mining, renewable energy, media and other businesses. Luisito "Chavit" Singson is the Founder and Chairman Emeritus of the LCS Group. He promotes his businesses together with his daughter, Architect Richelle Louise Singson-Michael, as vice-president.

Hallo Hallo Lending Inc
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